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If you have multiple dental concerns, such as worn or missing teeth, full mouth reconstruction can transform your smile. At Sargon Dental, serving Encino, California, the West Hollywood neighborhood of Los Angeles, and Pleasant Grove, Utah, Sargon Lazarof, DDS, and Dan Dansie, DDS, perform full mouth reconstruction onsite as an outpatient procedure. To schedule an appointment, book a consultation using the online tool, or call the office to speak with a member of the administrative team today.

Full Mouth Reconstruction Q&A

What is full mouth reconstruction?

Full mouth reconstruction combines several dental treatments to help you achieve a beautiful and fully functioning smile. 

Using cosmetic dentistry, general dentistry, and endodontics, Dr. Lazarof can improve the appearance of your smile, while supporting the health of your teeth and gums.  

What procedures does full mouth reconstruction include?

No two full mouth reconstructions are exactly alike. At Sargon Dental, Dr. Lazarof offers several procedures, including:

Tooth extractions

If you have damaged or decaying teeth that are impossible to reconstruct, Dr. Lazarof might recommend extractions. You might also benefit from extractions if you have overcrowded teeth, or you develop a cavity that does not respond to treatment.

Dental implants

If you are missing one, some, or all of your teeth, Dr. Lazarof might recommend dental implants. At Sargon Dental, Dr. Lazarof uses Ultratooth™ implants, the only implants on the market that allow for immediate use following surgery. 

Crowns and bridges

Crowns and bridges are oral prosthetics used to repair or replace damaged or missing teeth. Crowns are tooth-shaped coverings that protect a weak tooth from decay, chipping, or cracking. Bridges fill the gap in your smile caused by a lost tooth.


If your teeth are slightly crooked or they do not respond to teeth whitening, you might benefit from veneers. Veneers are custom-crafted shells of porcelain bonded to the front of your natural permanent teeth.

Root canals

If you have a tooth with damaged or infected pulp, you might benefit from root canal treatment. A root canal preserves your tooth, preventing the need for an extraction.

Do I qualify for full mouth reconstruction?

To see if you qualify for full mouth reconstruction, Dr. Lazarof conducts an oral exam, reviews your oral health history, and asks about your goals for treatment. If you are unhappy with the appearance of your teeth and gums, you will likely qualify.

After gathering the necessary information, Dr. Lazarof develops a custom treatment plan. The plan helps you achieve your cosmetic goals while staying within budget.

If your smile leaves you feeling self-conscious, schedule a full mouth reconstruction appointment at Sargon Dental. Book a consultation online, or call the office to speak with a member of the administrative staff today.