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Eliminating Guesswork with Dental Smile Design

Yearning for a beautiful, confident smile is natural, but factors like lifestyle habits, genetics, gum disease, and tooth loss can hinder that desire. If you find yourself with less-than-ideal teeth, there’s no need to endure self-consciousness or compromise your oral health and quality of life. Sargon Lazarof, DDS, our skilled dentist, understands the hesitation that comes with significant smile changes, especially when dealing with tooth loss.

At Sargon Dental, we introduce dental smile design to engage our patients fully in implant planning and procedure, particularly beneficial for those struggling with missing teeth or ill-fitting dentures. Visualizing your new smile, whether considering a zirconia bridge or full mouth dental implants, instills confidence in our adept team’s ability to deliver the smile you’ve always dreamed of!

What Is Digital Smile Design?

While Dr. Lazarof can explain treatments and provide examples, envisioning how your new teeth will look can be challenging. Enter digital dental technology, eliminating the guesswork from the equation. This innovative software enables the precise manipulation of each tooth’s position, shape, and dimensions individually, ensuring an optimal look and fit before any physical treatment begins. The digital mockup is easily editable, seamlessly comparing different treatment options and their impact on your smile aesthetics.

The Benefits of Smile Design Dentistry

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Delivering New Smiles with Advanced Technology

At Sargon Dental, our passion lies in restoring your dental function, overall health, smile aesthetics, and confidence. If the fear of smiling plagues you and the repercussions of missing teeth cast a shadow, the struggle is no longer necessary. Smile design dentistry is a testament to Dr. Lazarof’s utilization of advanced technology, optimizing skills and enhancing efficiency and precision, all within our patient-centric, welcoming, and stress-free environment.

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