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Full Mouth Reconstruction


Patients who suffer from multiple dental concerns, such as worn down or missing teeth, might feel hopeless about their options for restoring their teeth. In the past, when a patient could no longer use the available teeth in their oral cavity, available treatment options involved painful extractions and dentures. Luckily, with several advancements in dental technologies over the years, restoration options are providing patients needing full mouth reconstruction in Los Angeles with a hopeful future. Dental professionals can customize reconstruction plans to each unique patient they treat, allowing for more naturally functioning mouths than ever before.

What Is Full Mouth Reconstruction?

The process of a full mouth reconstruction near you refers to the course of dental treatments needed to restore the functionality and beauty of a patient’s smile. Combining cosmetic, general dentistry, and endodontic procedures, individuals undergoing full mouth reconstruction are thoroughly evaluated in all areas of their mouth including teeth, gums, bone density, inner cheeks, tongue, lips, and any other surrounding areas.


Procedures Involved In Full Mouth Reconstruction

There are several options for patients when it comes to designing a new healthy mouth. Depending on what areas of the oral cavity need the most attention will determine the schedule and type of procedures performed, as well as the recovery time involved between each step.

Tooth Extractions

When teeth are far too decayed or damaged to reconstruct, extractions are necessary for preventing surrounding healthy teeth from infection. Extracting teeth can also be common in patients who have overly crowded or extra teeth that orthodontic treatment is unable to address.

Dental Implants Near You

Dental implants in Encino, CA 91436 are one of the most popular and highly recommended dental restoration procedures on the market. Through the use of a titanium screw and an abundant to attach a porcelain crown, a dental implant fuses to the jawbone to provide the ultimate durability and functionality. By only affecting the areas where teeth are missing, implants can stimulate bone growth and protect existing teeth from damage. For a quicker recovery process, researcher dental providers in the area using immediate tooth replacement options!


Dental Bridges

Dental bridges near you are appropriate for patients who suffer from gapping due to missing teeth. Bridges are held together using a metal bar and comprised of porcelain replacement teeth to provide stability between open spaces. On each end of the dental bridge, a porcelain crown is cemented to anchoring natural teeth to ensure a long-lasting result, while porcelain replacement teeth are set in the center, for an authentic look.

Dental Crowns

Custom made to fit your unique smile, dental crowns are a natural-looking restoration option fitting directly over decayed or damaged teeth. Dental crowns are both aesthetically pleasing and functional. Crowns are typically made from porcelain and are designed to blend into your smile using color and shape matching. Dental crowns have been a long-standing option for sustaining your natural teeth and are commonly used in procedures such as covering large fillings, dental bridges, root canals, and dental implants.


Dental Fillings

Fillings are one of the most common dental procedures performed to address issues of cavities and decay. When your dentist removes a cavity from your teeth, space must be filled to protect the inner components of the tooth. Fillings are applied to the open areas of the teeth and molded as close as possible to the previous shape of the tooth. Depending on your provider, fillings can be made from either metal or white composite materials.

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers in Encino, CA 91436 are bonded directly to the surface of your teeth to provide a beautiful smile without the requirement of significant surgery. Veneers are made from thin layers of porcelain that are custom designed to the shape and shade you desire. This procedure is an excellent option for patients with stained surfaces, minor gaping, or oddly shaped teeth, to achieve a more even-looking smile.


Cosmetic Bonding

Teeth bonding is an excellent solution for patients looking to reshape damaged or abnormal teeth. Dental bonds are also common in patients seeking to replace metal fillings, protect roots when gums recede, or to cover unsightly stains. Using a resin material, dental bonds are bonded to natural teeth with a curing light for a durable, long-lasting result.

Inlays & Onlays

The goal of porcelain inlays/onlays is to protect as much of the natural tooth as possible. When a tooth is decayed or damaged, this procedure can help to protect against further damage by treating weak areas of the teeth. The difference between an inlay and an outlay is the location they are installed. Where inlays are focused on intricate portions of the teeth, such as edges, center, and cusps, outlays address the biting area of a tooth or multiple cusps.

Root Canals

Root canals target decay in the intersections of the teeth including the tooth pulp and root. Your dentist will remove any infection from the inside of the tooth and replace the space with a biocompatible material called ‘gutta-percha’; to prevent further decay or disease from entering the area. Root canals near you are very useful in preserving natural teeth to eliminate the need for future extractions.

The Full Mouth Reconstruction Consultation

The first visit to plan for your full mouth reconstruction in Los Angeles, CA 91436 will involve a comprehensive evaluation of your entire oral cavity. Your provider will need to determine a clear picture of what is going on in your mouth, including monitoring areas of decay, infection, wear, and tear, broken teeth, lumps, abnormally shaped tissue, inflammation, etc. X-rays are also taken to determine if there are any hidden areas of concern that could affect the future of the reconstruction. Your consultation appointment should provide you with an overall idea of the type of procedures needed to create a newly restored, healthy mouth.

Though timelines of each process are difficult to estimate before beginning them, your provider may be able to give you a ‘ballpark’ recovery period to consider when determining the best time in your schedule to start the reconstruction process. Patients who see multiple different specialists for their full mouth reconstruction may have more than one consultation appointment.

By choosing a dentist specializing in various areas of dentistry, you can limit the number of appointments needed for your consultation. To find providers in your area, contacting your insurance company can be a helpful start in assuring the dentist you visit accepts your dental plan. Full mouth reconstruction near you can provide you with the smile you have always dreamed of. Consider the benefits of this service today!


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