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Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs About Our Immediate Load (Ultratooth) Implants

Guarantee Success of Ultratrooth Implant

Modern dental implants are extremely successful; on average they have a five-year success rate of over 90%. In some cases, the success rate can gradually decrease the longer the implant stays in function. For extremely complex cases, it is expected that the success rate will be lower. Although dental implants have an exceptionally high success rate, there is still the possibility of failure. Poor healing capacity, poor bone quality, smoking, diabetes, poor oral hygiene, and several other factors can be attributed to unsuccessful implant treatment.

How Safe Is Implant Treatment?

Dental implants are very safe, however, no medical treatment can be guaranteed 100% without risks and failures. Diligently maintaining your oral hygiene and regular dental checkups are of utmost importance in preventing failure.

Is The Treatment Painful?

One can expect minor discomfort during the surgical placement of dental implants. Your dentist will prescribe pain medication to manage post-operative discomfort. Some patients may return to work the same day as their surgery depending on the extent of the therapy. The majority of patients express feeling much more comfortable following the procedure than they anticipated.

How do I Start?

Step one of acquiring dental implants begins with a comprehensive examination of your mouth. This enables your dentist to make an accurate diagnosis and detection of the potential solutions to your condition. Dr. Sargon will perform a visual examination and evaluate radiographs (X-rays) during your first visit and then share his findings with you. He will help you determine what the most appropriate treatment for you is.

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