Why Our Zoom® In-Office Teeth Whitening Treatment Is More Effective than Over-the-Counter Whitening

 Why Our Zoom® In-Office Teeth Whitening Treatment Is More Effective than Over-the-Counter Whitening

Having your teeth whitened is a subtle but powerful way to transform your appearance. The enamel on your teeth naturally gets thinner with age, allowing the dentin beneath to show through. By whitening your teeth, you can look younger. 

Other things can cause discoloration, as well, but regardless of the cause, you’ll likely feel better about how you look with a brighter smile. All the providers at Sargon Dental are experts in using the most advanced teeth whitening system available on the market today: Philips Zoom! We know that you’ll be happier with results from this professional whitening than with over-the-counter products, and in this post, we explain why. 

Why you need whitening

Your teeth are coated with extremely hard, durable enamel, which is naturally some shade of white, although the exact color can vary. Even though enamel is tough, its color can be affected by several factors, including: 

Foods and Beverages

You may love that morning cup of coffee or tea, but it can stain your teeth! In fact, many foods and beverages are common causes of discoloration. Berries, beets, and red wine are also well-known stainers. 


Enamel, like so much else in our bodies, breaks down over time. That allows your yellowish or grayish dentin to show through. You may maintain a perfect dental hygiene routine and still end up with discolored teeth! 

Lifestyle factors

Smoking and chewing tobacco are notorious for staining your teeth. Avoiding tobacco use is good for your health and for your smile. Poor hygiene is another common cause of discoloration that comes down to daily habits. 

Certain medications can cause discoloration, as well. 

Regardless of the reason your teeth aren’t as white as you’d prefer, we can help! 

Philips Zoom! is the best choice

You may think that grabbing a kit at your local drugstore is the most convenient way to whiten your teeth, but chances are that you’ll end up disappointed with the results. You may be able to see some difference, but it’s unlikely to be noticeable to others. Worse yet, it’s unlikely to last. Over-the-counter products contain weaker ingredients and are simply less effective. 

Highly trained professionals like the providers at Sargon Dental are qualified to work with stronger chemicals and know how to keep you and your teeth safe. The Philips Zoom! The gel we use contains up to 40% hydrogen peroxide, which is a far higher concentration than in over-the-counter products. 

Another factor to consider is the speed of transformation. Over-the-counter kits are designed to deliver results slowly, but the Zoom! A Whitening system can change your teeth by as much as eight shades in a single, one-hour visit. 

When you arrive, we clean your teeth thoroughly, getting rid of surface stains, plaque, and bacteria. Next, we use rubber guards and protective gel to prevent damage to your gums or soft tissue. The last step is to apply a professional-strength whitening compound to your teeth and use a special light to activate it and speed up the whitening process. 

The compound application and light process are repeated up to four times in 15-minute increments until we reach the desired level of whitening. Once your teeth are sparkling and white, brush your teeth, rinse thoroughly, and get back to your life with a smile you’re proud to show off. 

Make it last

The results from the Zoom! The Whitening system should last for one to three years, but you need to do a few things to make that happen, such as: 

If you’d like to learn more about Zoom! Whitening or about the other options we offer for getting your smile just the way you want it, schedule an appointment at any of the three Sargon Dental locations today!

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