Accomplish A Whiter Smile!

A radiant smile is rooted not only in confidence, but in good oral health that’s why next to hair care, teeth whitening is the most in-demand cosmetic procedure in the USA Teeth whitening is suitable for most people with good general and dental health.

What are the options!

Teeth whitening is the process used for improving the color of a person’s teeth by correcting the yellow, brown or reddish stains. Teeth whitening is suitable for most people with good general and dental health, so number of options are available for you to get brighter smile than ever

Teeth whitening at home

Teeth whitening at home with a kit you can buy at any drugstore or even one that can be bought from your dentist with easy method written on kit. It’s as handy as it sounds

In-office teeth whitening

The newest procedure for whitening your teeth is the laser method and this too is done in the dentist’s chair. Often your regular dentist doesn’t perform laser bleach teeth whitening; rather a dentist schooled in cosmetic dentistry is the one to perform the procedure.

He applies teeth whitening gel with a laser instrument. Then a translucent gel will be applied to your teeth. The gel is infused with crystals and a laser light will be used in order to activate those crystals. They in turn absorb energy from the laser light in order to penetrate into the enamel to increase the teeth whitening effect.

 Take notes, Customers getting their teeth whitened solely using a dentist can be costly!

Is teeth whitening a lengthy process?

If you ask how much time does the procedure take, well the time taken to whiten your teeth will depend entirely on how discolored and stained your teeth are at present.

If your teeth are fairly close to your desired color, then you will only need to be in the chair for a short period. Typically, it takes about an hour to accomplish a whiter smile. But one thing is sure, that you only need one visit to see a visible difference in the colorr of you teeth.

How White Can Your Teeth Get?

First thing first, teeth whitening procedure cannot perform miracles so if your teeth are discolored because of heavy smoking, coffee or cola beverages, you can rest assured that they will become brighter than before.

Vita shade guide

Although there is no set standard in the field of cosmetic dentistry for labeling the color of your teeth but one standard that is often used is called the Vita shade guide. There are four ranges of shade in the Vita guide and they are:

When it comes to the A shade group there are five different levels of darknes For B, C, and D ranges, there are just four different levels of darkness.

They still look natural

The goal for anyone having a teeth whitening procedure is to have their teeth looking as bright as possible and also looking natural. Therefore, not all of your teeth will be of the same color. Eye teeth are usually the darkest of the teeth and your front teeth are often the whitest. Molars can land between the brightest and the darkest of your teeth.

What to look forward to

In most cases professional teeth whitening treatments will only last as long as your bad habits will prevail so if you continue smoking or drinking coffee then the staining will return around six to nine months after the treatment but can last up to eighteen months if care and attention is considered. How your teeth are structured and the amount of dental work you have had before as well as the teeth whitening procedure you choose will directly affect the end results But there’s one thing you can be sure of: you’ll smile your brightest !!


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