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If you’re unhappy with the fit or feel of traditional dentures, consider overdentures. These oral appliances attach to dental implants, providing a durable, long-lasting tooth replacement option. At Sargon Dental, serving Encino, California, the West Hollywood neighborhood of Los Angeles, and Pleasant Grove, Utah, Sargon Lazarof, DDS, and Dan Dansie, DDS, boasts years of experience designing and placing overdentures. To schedule an appointment, call to speak with a member of the administrative staff or click the online booking tool.

Overdentures Q&A

What are overdentures?

Overdentures, or snap-in dentures, are artificial teeth that connect to dental implants –– small titanium posts placed beneath your gum line during a quick, outpatient procedure. Overdentures allow for more stability, unlike traditional dentures that often slip around.

The number of implants needed to support overdentures depends on the condition of your gums and jawbone, but Dr. Dansie typically places between four and eight.

Who is a good candidate for overdentures?

Anyone who is missing most or all of their teeth can benefit from overdentures. Though they’re usually a little more expensive than traditional dentures, with proper care, they often last much longer. 

What are the advantages of overdentures?

Overdentures provide an array of benefits compared to traditional dentures, including:

  • Increased stability
  • Improved chewing ability
  • Better fit
  • Comfort
  • Natural appearance

Overdentures also prevent bone loss, ensuring your jaw remains healthy and problem-free.

What does getting overdentures involve?

At Sargon Dental, getting overdentures typically takes just one appointment. That’s because Dr. Dansie offers the All-On-4® implant system, which is much quicker than traditional implant placement.

At the beginning of your appointment, Dr. Dansie conducts an oral exam and takes a series of digital computed tomography scans. Then, he uses an intraoral scanner to take digital impressions of your mouth. Dr. Dansie sends your impressions to the on-site dental laboratory that uses them to manufacture your custom overdentures.

While the laboratory manufactures your overdentures, Dr. Dansie administers a local anesthetic and places the implants into your upper and lower jaw. Following the procedure, he collects your overdentures from the laboratory and attaches them. Then, he provides a list of care instructions.

How do I care for overdentures?

You care for overdentures like you do natural teeth. Dr. Dansie recommends brushing twice daily, flossing regularly, and visiting Sargon Dental at least twice a year for an oral exam and professional teeth cleaning. 

To prevent damage to your overdentures, avoid bad habits like nail-biting, chewing on pen caps, or opening objects with your teeth. You might also consider wearing a mouth guard during exercise or a night guard during sleep.

To further explore overdentures, make an appointment at Sargon Dental. Call the nearest office to speak with an administrative team member or click the online booking tool.