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IV Infusion Therapy Specialist

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Cell infusion therapy is a cutting-edge treatment that delivers remarkable anti-aging benefits. At Sargon Dental, with greater Los Angeles area locations in Encino and West Hollywood, California, Mitra Tahvildarian, PhD, CFMP, AGNP, or Dr. T to patients, uses cell infusion therapy to deliver the most powerful specialized serums while stimulating new collagen and elastin growth in your deep skin layers. Infusion therapy can help with lines, wrinkles, and other signs of aging with little-to-no downtime, so call the office nearest you or schedule online now.

IV Infusion Therapy Q&A

What is infusion therapy?

Infusion therapy is a skin rejuvenation treatment that improves aging skin by creating tiny controlled punctures in your dermal skin layer. 

The treatment helps restore collagen and elastin to firm, tighten, and revitalize your face, neck, and chest area. It's even safe for the delicate eye area and all skin types. 

Infusion therapy is an excellent treatment if you're dealing with the signs of aging or sun-damaged skin, such as:

  • Pigmentation
  • Thin facial skin
  • Large pores
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Sun damage
  • Acne scars
  • Loose skin

Infusion therapy can also help with stretch marks, scarring, or laxity in other areas, such as the abdomen. 

How does infusion therapy work?

The first step at Sargon Dental is skin preparation using topical Cryogenic Cell Therapy and Super Natural Vitamins A and Medi C. With the skin properly prepared, you have dramatically less downtime after the treatment. 

During infusion therapy, Dr. T uses DermaPen®, a small device featuring ultra-fine sterilized needles, to create microscopic channels into the dermal skin layer. 

Skin channel depth varies from .25mm to 2.5mm based on what type of skin renewal you need. The tiny needles prick your skin 20-90 times every second, with adjustable speed based on your needs and the treatment area. 

These skin channels stimulate your body's internal healing processes, which include collagen and elastin growth. Collagen lends skin support to help smooth lines and wrinkles, while elastin provides bouncy skin tightness. 

The tiny channels are also the ideal way to deliver powerful products directly where they have maximum benefit — this infusion method is 1,000 times more effective than standard topical application. The DNA Cryo Cell serum is rich in cryogenically preserved embryonic skin cells, collagen, hyaluronic acid, elastins, amino acids, and other vital skin rejuvenating ingredients. 

After your treatment, it's important to use the Cryo-Lift Stick and vitamins for a minimum of six months. That helps you continue producing new collagen and elastin. 

What happens after infusion therapy?

Downtime is minimal. After infusion therapy at Sargon Dental, mild skin redness is normal, but it fades in a day or so. Around one-week post-treatment, you have mild skin peeling as you shed dead skin cells.

How many treatments do I need?

Most patients have a series of three to five treatments, each about four to six weeks apart. If you have severe acne scarring or stretch marks, you may need additional treatment sessions. 

Once you’ve finished the initial treatment course, a maintenance treatment every six months can keep your skin looking its best. 

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