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DNA Micropeel Specialist

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DNA Micropeels are natural but yet very powerful skin peels that you can customize for your skin’s particular needs. Sargon Dental, serving the greater Los Angeles area with locations in Encino and West Hollywood, California, offers the latest skin care innovations, including personalized DNA Micropeels. Aesthetics specialist Mitra Tahvildarian, PhD, CFMP, AGNP, or Dr. T to patients, offers a choice of micropeels to brighten, smooth, and hydrate your skin. Give your skin a new start by arranging your DNA Micropeel by phone or through the online scheduler now.

DNA Micropeel Q&A

What is a DNA Micropeel?

A DNA Micropeel is an all-natural skin rejuvenation treatment that smooths and tightens the skin. At Sargon Dental, Dr. T customizes your DNA Micropeel based on your skin problems and concerns. DNA Micropeels are safe for any skin type, as there are formulas ranging from ultra-gentle to very aggressive. 

What are the different types of DNA Micropeel?

DNA Micropeel options include:

Lyco Ionic Polymer Peel

The Lyco Ionic Polymer Peel is a powerful peel that includes salicylic acid, L-lactic acid, resorcinol, natural antioxidants, essential oils, and other natural ingredients. This deeper peel is similar to the well-known Jessner peel, but the modified formula causes fewer side-effects. 

This peel is the most effective option for acne-prone, sun-damaged, and aging skin. 

Lacto Ionic Polymer Peel 

The Lacto Ionic Polymer Peel is a gentle peel that's safe for all skin, including sensitive skin and active rosacea. The active acid, lactic acid, has natural moisturizing properties and is a great choice for mature skin and chronic dry skin. 

This peel can reduce hyperpigmentation like age spots, fine lines, skin redness, and large pores. 

Sal Ionic Polymer Peel

The Sal Ionic Polymer Peel is a restorative peel that's safe for any skin type. The active acid, salicylic acid, is oil-soluble, so it's a powerful pore cleanser and excellent acne fighter. 

This peel is a good choice for oversized pores, acne, acne scars, and hyperpigmentation like melasma or post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.  

Glyco Ionic Polymer Peel

The Glyco Ionic Polymer Peel includes natural glycolic acid. This peel has a small molecule size that allows it to gently scrub away dead skin particles on your skin surface. Glycolic acid also helps you produce new collagen. 

This peel can help with sun damage, hyperpigmentation, fine lines, large pores, dull skin, and ingrown hairs on the face. 

At Sargon Dental, Dr. T tailors each of the DNA Micropeels for your particular skin issues. 

What happens after a DNA Micropeel?

In most cases, you leave Sargon Dental with noticeably refreshed and revitalized skin. For the deeper peel types, you may have mild skin redness for up to a week. 

There’s no downtime with a DNA Micropeel, but protecting your skin afterward is important. Dr. T gives you personal advice about sunscreen use and what to expect as your dead skin peels away. 

For a personalized skin peel that’s perfect for your skin’s unique DNA, call Sargon Dental, or click on the online scheduling tool now.