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Ozone Dentistry


New dental technology is changing the way patients address their dental issues – for good! Drills and sharp metal tools can cause patients to become extremely anxious when going to the dentist, often resulting in individuals skipping procedures due to the fear of pain and discomfort. But with the discovery of ozone dentistry, these terrifying tools are becoming obsolete, with a new pain-free alternative to treating tooth decay, disease, and even the aesthetics of teeth.

What Is Ozone Dentistry?

Ozone dentistry in Los Angeles involves minimally invasive techniques used to attack some of the most common dental issues affecting decayed teeth. Ozone (or O3) is a chemical compound comprised of three oxygen atoms. The compound is known as ‘an excited oxygen form’ which, when released, reacts powerfully to remove the third oxygen atom to return to O2. When ozone is applied to the surface of your teeth, oxygen shoots through spaces around decayed areas as a result of the chemical reaction, killing bacteria and halting cavities in their tracks. By using a laser instead of a metal probe, dentists can detect decay before it shows up on an X-ray scan and without the need to poke for ‘sticky spots.’ 

This allows for more preservation of the teeth from preventing the spread, rather than waiting for decay to show after it’s already posed a danger. After decay is detected, dentists use ozone gas to sterilize bacteria. The ozone gas neutralizes the acid in tooth bacteria, stopping it before it can spread to the surface or roots of the tooth.

In cases where decay has already shown through the enamel of the tooth, ozone dentistry near you uses an Air Abrasion method (an air/water/powder sprayer) to remove signs of infection instead of drilling through the tooth. The bacteria is first sterilized, then altered by a demineralization agent before a white filling is placed to protect the tooth from further damage.


Procedures That Qualify for Ozone Dentistry

Patients interested in ozone dentistry in Los Angeles may be amazed as to how many conventional dental procedures these methods can successfully replace.

Cavity Treatment:

Patients who have had cavities filled often dread the sound of drills destroying their teeth. Ozone dental methods are incredibly useful in removing cavities by killing the bacteria using ozone gas instead of drilling out decayed areas. Depending on the severity of the cavity, a filling may not even be needed. However, if your dentist in Encino, CA 91436 believes a filling is best for further protection against sensitivity and future cavities, a tooth tinted, BPA-free filling can be placed.

Root Canal Therapy

When the insides of a tooth have become infected by disease or decay, root canal therapy is often the best solution to removing the infection, while still preserving the patient’s natural tooth. While conventional root canals involve drilling into the tooth to remove decayed pulp, ozone dentistry substitutes ozonated water to flush the canals and ozone gas to sterilize the bacteria. Once the decay is removed, the canal is sealed and finished off with a crown similar to a traditional root canal, but without the need for painful drills. Ozone therapy can also be useful in addressing reoccurring issues in previous root canals to prevent repeat procedures in patients who typically suffer from severe decay or trauma

Root canal Treatment with Ozone Therapy


Tooth Extraction Infection

Extracting teeth has been known as a painful and meticulous process for the mouth. Dentists have to be extremely careful not to damage surrounding roots to avoid the loss of surrounding teeth and bone. Possibly even more traumatic for the mouth is the presence of infectious bacteria in small crevices of the open socket, often undetectable by a visual exam alone. Using ozone dentistry near you, dentists can flush the spaces where teeth have been extracted with ozone gas, eliminating the risk of contracting additional infections during the recovery process.



Professional Teeth Whitening using ozone dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry with ozone therapy – why not? In addition to removing decay from teeth, ozone dentistry can be used to create a luminous smile. When applied to a whitening gel, ozone gas can increase the whiteness of teeth, resulting in a genuinely vibrant smile anyone would be proud to show off.

The Ozone Consultation

Scheduling an initial consultation with a dental provider who specializes in ozone dentistry procedures is an excellent start to determining if you are a good candidate. Your provider will evaluate your medical and dental history, as well as address any immediate issues you report to determine the best ozone treatment for your unique case. In some instances, it may be necessary to combine ozone and traditional dental methods to achieve the best overall oral health.

Ozone dentistry in Los Angeles, CA 91436 is the beginning of a new era in dental treatments. By utilizing these amazingly advanced procedures, you can preserve more of your natural healthy teeth for a beautiful long-term smile.

Other Areas Ozone Can Be Effective

In addition to the exceptional results in the above procedure, ozone dentistry near you can also be effective in:

 Reducing pain in patients with teeth too sensitive to temperature.

 Soothing the effects of dry mouth.

 Reducing disease in infected jawbones.

 Treating a circulatory disorder often found in the lower/upper jaw.

 Treating the herpes virus in the mouth area.

 Treating poorly healed wounds and inflammation.

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