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Night Guards


While grinding your teeth at night may be annoying your spouse, it is also doing a lot of damage. Grinding and clenching may be leading to pain upon waking in the morning, including jaw pain, tooth pain, and even headaches. On top of that, grinding and clenching may be doing massive damage to your teeth and jaw. In order to properly treat bruxism and/or TMJ, you need to have a better understanding of what the signs are, so you can get a better idea of whether you are suffering from these conditions. If so, it’s imperative to seek the help of your dentist as soon as possible, so that they can provide you with a night guard in Los Angeles.

What Is A Night Guard?

A night guard (also known as an occlusal guard) can be used to keep a patient from grinding and/or clenching their teeth at night. Night guards near you are plastic guards that help to stabilize the jaw joints, while also providing protection from the damage caused by clenching and grinding.


Bruxism And Oral Health

When people speak about grinding and/or clenching their teeth, they are speaking about a condition called “bruxism.” While this condition generally occurs at night when someone is sleeping, it can also occur during the daytime. This daytime clenching is generally due to stress.

Sadly, bruxism often goes untreated because it generally happens overnight. Some people are lucky enough to have a spouse that can let them know just how bothersome their teeth grinding is, but for others that live alone, it may be difficult to figure out that grinding or clenching is happening at night.

If you notice that you are experiencing tooth pain, jaw pain, and/or frequent headaches throughout the day (especially in the morning), it’s time to visit your dentist to see if you are suffering from bruxism. It is extremely important to catch this early before it leads to TMJ. Even if it doesn’t get to the point where it develops into TMJ, bruxism can still do some serious damage to your oral health.

This damage includes:

 Worn Down Teeth

 Jaw Pain

 Hearing Loss


 Joint Pain

 Cracked Teeth

 Tooth Sensitivity

 Fractured Teeth


The damage done can range from annoying (headaches) to very serious (cracked teeth). Make sure to visit your dentist as soon as you notice jaw or tooth pain, or frequent headaches. If the issue is bruxism, the symptoms can be treated with a night guard. Whatever the reason, TMJ needs to be treated before serious damage is done. This includes using a night guard in Los Angeles to stop the damage being caused.

The Damaging Effects of TMJ

There are a variety of damaging effects that TMJ can cause—most of which being very inconveniencing and painful. These include:

 Trouble Chewing


 Popping and Clicking Noises in the Joints of the Jaw

 Fatigue of the Jaw

 Tooth Sensitivity


Obtaining A Night Guard

While a night guard will help to treat both bruxism and TMJ, the type of night guard actually differs depending on the specific disorder. A simple, plastic night guard can be used to treat bruxism and protect the teeth and jaw from the clenching and grinding that are associated with bruxism. TMJ, on the other hand, requires a more specialized night guard in Encino.

The occlusal guards (night guards) used to treat TMJ are called “splints.” These mouth guards utilize more rigid materials (acrylic) that better position the jaw and raise the bite of the patient.

Not only does this help to resolve the pain that TMJ causes, but it also helps to relieve other symptoms as well.

Keep in mind that night guards near you need to be used every night and properly maintained. A patient should brush their night guard regularly, to ensure plaque doesn’t develop within the night guard.

Schedule A Consultation in Encino

The longer you allow bruxism to persist, the better chance you have of it developing into TMJ near you. If you have TMJ, your symptoms will only continue to get worse if they are not treated, and if the ailment is not diagnosed.

While at-home treatments and stress-relief measures such as therapy and medication are helpful in treating the root cause, the symptoms still need to be addressed. Because of this, you’ll want to visit your dentist and discuss your options—including a night guard near you. This will protect your teeth and jaw from the effects of bruxism and TMJ. Contact our dental clinic today for a custom-made night guard in Los Angeles, CA 91436.



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