When are Partial Dentures the Best Option for Your Missing Teeth?

When are Partial Dentures the Best Option for Your Missing Teeth?

Replacing missing teeth isn’t just for looks. Whether you’re missing one tooth or five, missing teeth can impact your self-esteem and your oral health, but thankfully, prosthetics, such as dentures and dental implants, can restore the functionality of your mouth. 

But how do you know which option is best for you? 

At Sargon Dental, our experienced team — Dan Dansie, DDSSargon Lazarof, DDS, and Fahtema Sadat, DDS — excels in helping patients find the perfect restoration to meet their needs, whether that’s dentures, implants, or bridges. 

Below, we zero in on one option for replacing missing teeth: partial dentures. Continue reading to learn what partial dentures are and when they might be the best option for you.

Learn more about partial dentures

While traditional dentures provide coverage for a full row of teeth, partial dentures provide partial coverage. Partial dentures are removable prosthetics that can replace multiple teeth in either your top or bottom row of teeth. Just like traditional full dentures, partial dentures improve the appearance of your smile, help support facial structure, make chewing easier, and enhance clear speech. They also require nightly cleaning. 

 Here at Sargon Dental, we offer:

Partial dentures can replace teeth in any area of your mouth, including your front teeth (anterior teeth) and the teeth in the back of your mouth (posterior teeth).

When should you consider partial dentures?

If you’re missing one or two teeth, you might consider an implant or a bridge, but if you’re missing three or more teeth (especially if they’re next to each other), you might consider partial dentures. 

You might consider partial dentures if you:

Even though dentures and partial dentures are typically considered when replacing multiple teeth, it’s possible to replace a single missing tooth with partial dentures. In fact, researchers studying the effect of partial dentures on quality of life found that those who opted for partial dentures to replace an anterior tooth reported the biggest increase in quality of life.

Restore your smile with partial dentures

Partial dentures snap into place, and they can be made of different materials. During your consultation 一 whether you’re in our Encino or West Hollywood, California, or Pleasant Grove, Utah, office 一 our team reviews all of your replacement options with you, including various materials for partial dentures.

If partial dentures are right for you, we take oral X-rays followed by digital impressions. We use an intraoral scanner, so you won’t have to fuss with messy physical impressions. We craft your partial dentures in our on-site lab, and about one week later, you can return for your prosthetic.

And if partial dentures aren’t the solution for you? No worries. Our team advises you with the right options for you and gets you started on your path to a new, dazzling smile. 

If you’re unhappy with missing teeth, book your consultation online today, or call one of our offices, and start exploring the possibilities of partial dentures.

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