The Importance of Not Skipping Bi-Annual Dental Cleanings

The Importance of Not Skipping Bi-Annual Dental Cleanings

It’s easy to fall behind on your bi-annual dental cleanings. After all, you aren’t experiencing serious tooth pain and other aspects of life – your job, family, and social life – seem far more pressing at any given moment. Although you might not be excited about your dental visit and find it a hassle to schedule, it’s necessary to keep your teeth and mouth in tip-top shape. 

Bi-annual dental cleanings are important even if you have pristine at-home oral hygiene habits. 

Bi-annual dental cleanings aren’t only about your oral health. The state of your mouth has a far-reaching impact on your overall health. The same harmful bacteria that cause tooth decay and gum disease can take a ride through your bloodstream, traveling to other parts of the body and raising the risk for other problems including heart disease.

Here at Sargon Dental, Sargon Lazarof, DDS, Dan Dansie, DDS, and Nathan Nguyen, DDS, understand the impact of dental care on your overall wellness.

During these bi-annual visits, your dentist can spot the subtle signs of tooth and gum problems before they’re noticeable to you. This is just one reason why attending your regular dental checkups plays a vital role in your oral and overall health.

Get a clean-feeling smile

You know that you need to practice good dental hygiene at home by brushing after meals and flossing regularly. Even if you’re really good about this home cleaning, bacteria are crafty at getting into the nooks and crannies of your teeth and gums where they hide out and breed. They release harmful enamel-eroding acids that cause dental decay and gum disease over time. 

When you visit Sargon Dental at any of our offices in Encino, California, West Hollywood, California, and Pleasant Grove, Utah, our team performs professional dental cleanings to remove harmful bacteria. 

Our expert hygienists also polish your teeth to brighten your smile. We also offer treatments that reduce the buildup of bacteria and strengthen teeth.

Avoid dental health problems

Our experienced dentists can detect problems at their earliest stages when they’re easier to treat and can even detect potential issues before they start. When you skip a biannual checkup, you delay the detection and treatment of a possible dental problem. Then by the time you do visit us, the damage may have already been done. 

Attending your six-month dental checkups and cleanings means you greatly reduce your risk of major cavities and serious gum disease. Your bi-annual visits are also a time to establish a relationship with a dental provider so that when tooth decay does occur, you have a trusted dentist to contact.

Prevent oral cancer

More than 30,000 Americans are diagnosed with oral cancer each year. We screen for oral cancer at every one of your bi-annual visits. When detected at its earliest stages, oral cancer is much more likely to be successfully treated. 

Promote overall wellness

The bacteria that cause cavities, tooth decay, and gum disease don’t just affect your mouth. Your gums have a rich blood supply that connects to the rest of your circulatory system. 

The harmful oral bacteria infiltrate your entire bloodstream and raise the risk for a number of chronic diseases, including diabetes, stroke, and heart disease. When you protect your oral health, you’re protecting your overall well-being. 

Preventing dental problems reduces the chance that you’ll need complex dental procedures, like root canals, dental implants, and root scaling and planing. 

If you’re due for your bi-annual dental visit, now is the time to schedule. Contact Sargon Dental by phone or use the online tool to schedule your appointment and reap the benefits.

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