6 Benefits of Ultratooth

6 Benefits of Ultratooth

Did you know that about 120 million people in the United States are missing at least one tooth? And 36 million are missing all of their teeth? 

Whether you’re missing one or many, tooth loss can affect your physical and emotional well-being. But with advances in dental technology, you can restore your smile quickly. 

At Sargon Dental, our highly skilled providers, Sargon Lazarof, DDSDan Dansie, DDS, and Nathan Nguyen, DDS, have the perfect solution for missing teeth: Ultratooth™ dental implants. 

Invented and pioneered by our own renowned Dr. Lazarof, Ultratooth gives you a fully functional replacement tooth in a single office visit. 

Here, we want to talk about the benefits of Ultratooth for replacing your missing teeth.

1. Quick dental implant procedure

During a traditional dental implant procedure, your dentist places the dental implant (tooth root) into your jawbone. Then, you wait for several months for your jawbone to heal around your implant before getting your permanent crown.

With Ultratooth, there’s no waiting period. We place your permanent root and crown into your jawbone in one office visit. This is true whether we replace one tooth or several teeth. 

Ultratooth is the only FDA-cleared device that allows you to replace damaged or missing teeth in one office visit. 

2. Immediate use of dental implant

The Ultratooth dental implant is fully functional right away. There’s no need to modify your diet for healing. In fact, you can eat what you usually eat right after your procedure.

So how is this possible? With both regular implants and Ultratooth implants, the tooth root is implanted into the jawbone. But here’s where Ultratooth stands alone. With Ultratooth implants, once the root is inserted into the jawbone, the root expands out to create four points of contact within the jawbone.

So, even as the jawbone heals around the new tooth root, the implant is ready for immediate use, because the root is securely in place. There’s no need to wait for the jawbone to grow around the implant before placing pressure on it, as is needed with traditional implants.

3. Restores your natural smile

After we place your Ultratooth implant, we attach a custom-made crown to it. This crown looks and feels like your natural teeth, restoring your usual look and smile. 

We can place an individual Ultratooth root and crown at the site of each missing tooth to recreate your natural smile. 

4. Maintains jawbone health

When you chew, the roots of your teeth stimulate your jaws. This is important, because this causes your jaws to continue to replace old jawbone tissue with new jawbone tissue.

If you lose a tooth, however, the loss of stimulation can cause your body to stop generating new tissue at that location. This, in turn, can cause your jaw to lose bone mass in the area. And this can lead to sunken cheeks, wrinkles, and premature facial aging.

Ultratooth, however, prevents this from happening. An Ultratooth implant acts just like your natural tooth root. When you bite and chew, the prosthetic device stimulates your jawbone, helping it maintain its natural strength and function.

5. Easy care and maintenance

Ultratooth is easy to care for and requires very little maintenance. You brush and floss your Ultratooth just like your normal teeth. We also recommend coming in for a professional cleaning and checkup every six months. 

And you should also treat your new tooth like your natural teeth by not biting on ice cubes, your nails, or other hard objects, as doing so could chip your crown.

6. Long-lasting results 

Ultratooth is a long-term solution for missing teeth. Once in place, your prosthetic tooth root and crown can last a lifetime. 

Do you have one or more missing teeth? Find out how Ultratooth may be able to help you by booking an appointment online or over the phone with Sargon Dental today. We have offices in Encino and West Hollywood, California, and Pleasant Grove, Utah.

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