AACD Member

The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) is devoted to the advancements of comprehensive cosmetic dentistry. They encourage the highest standards of ethical conduct and patient care. The AACD is the largest organization for aesthetic dental professionals in the world.

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How Does the AACD Fulfill Its Mission?


  • Offers excellent educational opportunities.
  • Indorses and supports a respected Accreditation credential.
  • Is a forum to the public and profession.

Dedication to Cosmetic Dentistry

The AACD contains over 5000 dental professionals, laboratory technicians, educators, and researchers from 70 countries around the world. A global perspective enables members of the AACD to collect information from the international field of cosmetic dentistry. Members of the AACD are recognized as professionals that are dedicated to continuous enhancement of their skills and knowledge, allowing more and more people each year to experience benefits of cosmetic dentistry that are life-changing.

What Does the AACD Believe?

AACD members represent the practice of responsible aesthetics, which means aesthetic dentistry must complement a patient’s overall health and oral health and cause zero harm. AACD members offer minimally invasive treatment protocols, when possible that align with the long-term health and needs of a patient. Lastly, members of the AACD promote the use of cutting-edge technology and materials for predictable and long-lasting dentistry.